Hearing aids

Different manufacturers and designs at your choice

We offer a wide range of hearing aids from different manufacturers and in different styles for adults, children and adolescents. Hearing aids consist of 4 components: Microphone, amplifier, receiver and (rechargeable) battery. They always work in the same way, but their fit varies. The different styles can be divided into behind-the-ear and in-the-ear devices. There are also devices with an external receiver. Thanks to modern technology, they are becoming increasingly efficient and smaller.

Hearing aids are individually adapted to your hearing needs. Finding the right model for you depends on your level of hearing loss and your personal needs. We will be happy to consult you in your decision for a device.

The individual steps to your hearing aid

Once you have received a prescription for a hearing aid from your ENT doctor, the next step is a visit to your hearing care professional. At Oberlin Hörpunkt, we carry out a detailed hearing test and will discuss your personal requirements for a hearing aid:

  • In which situations do you need a hearing aid - when talking to several people, when talking on the phone or when watching TV?
  • How important is the cosmetic aspect to you? Does the device need to be particularly inconspicuous or meet special requirements, e.g. wetness during sports or dust at work?
  • Do you need hearing aids with helpful interfaces for your job, e.g. telecoil, Bluetooth or audio input?

Once you have made a choice with the support of our audiology experts, you may try out the devices. These are regularly readjusted during your appointments at Oberlin Hörpunkt. After purchase, we offer a service to regularly check the device and its settings.

Do you need a hearing aid? But you are not yet sure which style and which functions are right for you? You may test the different models with us.

At Oberlin Hörpunkt, we are happy to assist you! Our specialist staff will provide expert advice to meet your specific requirements and will assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs.