Hearing protection

Preventing hearing loss and hard of hearing

We offer standard and custom made hearing protection. Frequent and prolonged exposure to noise can cause hearing problems. One way to prevent hearing loss is to use earplugs. If required, we provide you with custom-made hearing protection. It is individually adapted to your ear canal and thus closes it optimally.

Sound reduced by up to 40 decibels

Hearing protection reduces the sound that hits the eardrum. This average attenuation value is listed as the SNR value on certified devices. Hearing protection can reduce sound by 25 to 40 decibels (dB). Somewhat higher values can be achieved by combining in-ear protection with earmuffs: ear-enclosing capsules connected to a headband. The decision whether to choose standard hearing protection such as earplugs, custom-made hearing protection or earmuffs depends on the type and duration of use and the environment.

Do you want to take care of your ears? Then you should protect your hearing in noisy environments. Custom-made hearing protection offers an optimal seal.

At Oberlin Hörpunkt, we are happy to assist you! Our specialist staff will provide expert advice to meet your specific requirements and will assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs.