Personal expert advice

This is what you can expect from us

We advise you in detail and comprehensively on the different types of hearing systems and hearing protection. Our specialist staff will sympathetically address your personal wishes and needs. Our aim is to together find the best hearing solution for you.

Our experienced staff are hearing audiology professionals and have various additional qualifications, e.g. as CI specialists. We always keep our expertise up to date and continue education in order to be able to provide service on the most modern devices and the latest methods.

First of all, we identify your needs at Oberlin Hörpunkt: Are you looking for a suitable hearing system or do you need hearing protection? Our experts will take a look at your ears and auditory canals and carry out a hearing test. We will ask you about your medical history and lifestyle. We also discuss the question in which listening environments you spend most time in and evaluate your personal needs for a hearing aid.

The choice is yours

Based on the results, we will present different hearing solutions and show you how to use them. Devices of your shortlist may be worn for free for a trial period. Once having decided on a device, we will together clarify the cost coverage by the health insurance. Our advice and services are free of charge and without any obligation.

We support you with our expertise and experience in choosing the best hearing solution for you. In addition, our staff will help you with care and maintenance and take charge of repairs.

At Oberlin Hörpunkt, we are happy to assist you! Our specialist staff will provide expert advice to meet your specific requirements and will assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs.