Subscription service for CI wearers

Be regularly supplied with batteries and spare parts

We offer a subscription service for cochlear implant (CI) users: CI users regularly need new batteries, a new microphone protector and other spare parts. We have these products available at Oberlin Hörpunkt. Our experts install and replace them on the spot, or will have the parts ready to be picked up.

On request, CI subscribers are sent our all-round carefree package with batteries and spare parts to their home - automatically every six months. We adapt the deliveries to your individual needs: should not all the components provided as standard be required, we send them less often.

Our subscription service is a free offer for all cochlear implant users. It may be concluded and cancelled at any time. Batteries and spare parts may be covered by the health insurance companies or the costs have to be paid privately.

Do you wear a cochlear implant and don't want to worry about having all the spare parts or batteries in stock? We will take care of it.

At Oberlin Hörpunkt, we are happy to assist you! Our specialist staff will provide expert advice to meet your specific requirements and will assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs.